Weekend Forecast: Isolated Showers, Cloudy Periods Initially. Mostly Hazy, Sunny Skies To Follow

Weekend Weather Forecast

A surface to low-level trough is currently affecting much of the Eastern Caribbean, generating partly to mostly cloudy skies. A few isolated to scattered showers are also occurring across the island chain.

This trough system will move into the Caribbean Sea later today, as an Atlantic high-pressure system regains dominance over the Southeastern Caribbean.

A gradual reduction in low-level moisture beginning this afternoon will bring mostly settled conditions to Trinidad and Tobago. However, as Trinidad and Tobago remains on the southern periphery of the high-pressure system, some low level cloud patches may traverse the islands over the weekend.

These patches will bring brief cloudy patches and isolated, shallow showers which mostly remain light to moderate. These showers will interrupt mostly hazy skies as low concentrations of Saharan dust fluctuates over the weekend.

Similar conditions are expected overnight. Brief cloudy patches and an isolated shower will interrupt mostly settled conditions and hazy skies. However, there is an increased chance of showers around dawn.

Breezy conditions are expected through the weekend. Winds are expected to be between 15-30 KM/H, and gusts up to 50 KM/H resulting from the Atlantic high-pressure dominating the weather pattern.


Minimum low temperatures across Trinidad and Tobago, over the next 48 hours, are expected to be between 23°C-24°C and likely lower across inland and mountainous areas.

Maximum high temperatures across both islands are expected to be mild, between 30°C-31°C. However, breezy conditions are likely to make the “feels like” temperature, or heat index more bearable with a maximum index of 35°C in Trinidad and 33°C in Tobago, through the weekend.


Seas are expected to remain moderate in open waters. Waves in open waters are forecast to remain up to 2.0 meters. In sheltered areas, seas are expected to remain smooth, below 1.0 meters.

Winds are expected to be from the east to northeast, at 15 to 20 knots.

Longer period swells are occurring, and are expected to end Sunday into Monday.

Saharan Dust

Long range dust models aren’t indicating any major intrusions of Saharan Dust over the next 5 days. However, with mild concentrations present, and the prevalence of bush fires, air quality is still expected to be reduced to moderate levels.

At this air quality level, unusually sensitive groups should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

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Saharan Dust Precautions
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