Saharan Dust Forecast to Briefly Decrease In Concentration Due to Showers on Friday & Saturday.

As of 8:00 AM Friday 24th May 2019, Saharan Dust concentrations are minimal across Trinidad and Tobago. Minimal to mild concentrations of Saharan Dust is forecast across T&T, reducing air quality to moderate levels at times and producing hazy skies across the islands. Much of the Eastern Caribbean’s air quality has returned to good levels. An additional surge in dust is forecast near the end of May, following the passage of the tropical wave.

Presently, mild concentrations of Saharan Dust is present across Trinidad and Tobago, reducing air quality to moderate levels at times but generally at good levels. As of 8:00 AM Friday 24th May 2019, most islands across the Eastern Caribbean are at good air quality levels. Over the next 5 days, Saharan Dust is forecast to fluctuate, generally remaining mild across Trinidad and Tobago. In areas near the vicinity of bushfires, air quality can near levels that are moderate. Showers resulting from a low-level trough on Friday and Saturday, as well as from the passage of a tropical wave Monday into Tuesday will reduce dust in the atmosphere, briefly, across T&T.

At moderate air quality levels, unusually sensitive groups should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

Larger, more concentrated plumes of Saharan dust begin to occur in April and continue through November. This is due to stronger thunderstorms, typically associated with tropical waves, across interior Africa sending dust into the upper atmosphere.

5-Day Air Quality Index, Saharan Dust Forecast For Trinidad and Tobago.

Dust models continue to show mild concentrations moving across Trinidad and Tobago over the next week. However, the good news is that no significant surge is forecast for the next 5 days to arrive across Trinidad and Tobago’s shores. Longer range modelling shows a denser plume leaving the Western African coast and arriving across T&T by May 30th into June with moderate concentrations.

With dry conditions persisting, bush fires will be on the rise. As Saharan Dust is forecast to persist across T&T throughout the week, sensitive groups such as persons with respiratory ailments, children, the elderly and cardiopulmonary disease should take the necessary precautions.

Saharan Dust Precautions
Saharan Dust Precautions
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