Watch: Street Flooding Ongoing Along East-West Corridor

As of 12:00 PM Sunday 23rd June 2019, there are no alerts, watches or warnings in effect for Trinidad and Tobago from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service

Heavy showers and thunderstorms continue to produce heavy rainfall and lightning across parts of Western and Northern Trinidad. Street flooding has been reported along various areas on the East-West Corridor, particularly in flood-prone areas such as in front of Level Brothers on the Eastern Main Road and along the Priority Bus Route near Carib.

Street flooding typically subsides within 30-90 minutes following the end of rainfall. Hence, expect flooding to subside within the next hour, provided that no additional rainfall occurs in the area. Delay travel or seek alternative routes, as these routes are not recommended for travel, particularly with smaller vehicles.

In the past hour, as of 12:00 PM, 1,250 strikes were detected with 650 being dangerous cloud-to-ground strikes. Since midnight, over 2,500 strikes have been detected, likely due to thunderstorms north and east of Trinidad and Tobago.

 Lighting strikes across Trinidad and Tobago as of 12:00 PM Sunday 23rd June 2019
Lighting strikes across Trinidad and Tobago as of 12:00 PM Sunday 23rd June 2019

Over the last few hours, parts of West Trinidad have recorded between 10-15 millimeters of rainfall and isolated higher totals likely across areas in East-West Corridor. Trinidad.

Street Flooding on Eastern Main Road, El Dorado, westbound at 12:00 PM Sunday 23rd June 2019. Video Credit: Mekel Hendrickson

Gusty winds up to 40 KM/H have been recorded across parts of Northern and Central Trinidad in the vicinity and during thunderstorms.

No power outages nor downed trees have been reported as of 12:00 PM.

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