Watch: Landslide Occurs on Toco Main Road at 11:15 AM Friday

At 11:15 AM Friday 28th June 2019, heavy rainfall and gusty winds have been ongoing across Northeastern Trinidad. A landslide has been reported along the Toco Main Road, near Toco, though the exact location is unknown at this time. This video was shared on social media groups, credited to Traffik Spotters TT. The roadway is temporarily impassible. Delay travel to the area if possible.

Landslide along the Toco Main Road, nearing Toco as of 11:15 AM Friday 28th June 2019.

As expected, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has issued an Adverse Weather Alert as Tropical Wave 13 nears Trinidad and Tobago. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are ongoing across T&T, with the official alert beginning at 11:00 AM on Friday, with intermittent showers and thunderstorms, occur through 5:00 PM Friday evening. Note that due to favorable atmospheric conditions, locally severe thunderstorms are possible, producing heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning.

Based on the latest model guidance, these scattered to widespread showers, with scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms may produce severe weather across Trinidad and Tobago. Street flooding and flash flooding are possible. Gusty winds are likely in the vicinity and during heavy showers or thunderstorms. These gusty winds and heavy rainfall will be capable of triggering landslides in landslide-prone areas, as well as downing trees and utility poles. See below for more details on what impacts to expect.

Landslides: In landslide-prone areas, particularly in areas that receive heavy rainfall, landslides and/or mudflows will continue to be possible, in areas likely across Tobago and the Northern Range. These landslides, in addition to gusty winds, may down trees, utility poles and impede traffic on roadways.

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