T&TEC Confirms: Blackouts Across Trinidad.

10:20 PM Update: Electricity has been restored to nearly all affected areas.

Blackouts have been reported across parts of Trinidad Tuesday night.

According to an official at T&TEC, a generator has gone down at Trinidad Generation Unlimited in La Brea, triggering the outage.

T&TEC is taking steps to restore power within the hour.

Outages have been reported across parts of Southern, Central and Northern Trinidad.

The following areas are reporting outages:

  • Fyzabad
  • Quarry Village Siparia
  • South Oropouche
  • Arima
  • Sangre Grande
  • Couva
  • Piparo
  • Penal
  • Piarco
  • Cunupia
  • Las Lomas
  • La Romain
  • Mc Bean
  • Rio Claro
  • Tacarigua
  • Endeavour
  • St. Augustine
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Malabar
  • Princes Town
  • Enterprise
  • San Juan
  • Arouca
  • Kelly Village
  • Marabella
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