Partly Cloudy Skies Forecast to Give Way to Afternoon Showers, Isolated Thunderstorm Favoring SW Trinidad.

Weather Forecast (Next 24 Hours)

As of 9:30 AM Wednesday 22nd May 2019, partly cloudy skies are occurring across Trinidad and Tobago, with cloudy skies occurring across SW Trinidad. As the day progresses, increased showers are forecast, with isolated heavy showers forecast to favor Southwestern Trinidad. There is also the low to medium chance of a thunderstorm, predominantly across Southern and Southwestern Trinidad. Showers are forecast to linger into the night, decreasing in coverage as the night progresses.

An Atlantic high-pressure system continues to dominate weather conditions across the Eastern Caribbean, with the southern periphery of the system north of Trinidad and Tobago. An area of low-level clouds will be the first feature to bring cloudy conditions with isolated showers over the next hour or two, mainly across Trinidad and to a lesser extent, Tobago.

By midday, through the afternoon, additional showers are forecast to develop, with isolated areas becoming heavy and possibly developing into thunderstorms, favoring Southern and Southwestern Trinidad. Increased low-level moisture, favorable upper-level, and low-level conditions, with light surface winds, are forecast to create favorable conditions for shower and possible thunderstorm formation.

Winds are generally forecast between 20-30 KM/H by the late afternoon, with gusts up to 50 KM/H at times. Saharan dust is present in minimal concentrations across Trinidad and Tobago.


Last night’s minimum temperatures were 25°C at Piarco, Trinidad, and 26°C at Crown Point, Tobago. Tonight’s minimum temperatures are forecast to be near 25°C at Piarco, Trinidad, and 26°C at Crown Point, Tobago.

Today’s maximum high temperatures across T&T are forecast to be near 32°C at Piarco, Trinidad and 31°C at Crown Point, Tobago. Heat indices may top at 35°C at Piarco, Trinidad and 33°C at Crown Point, Tobago. The heat index is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity, generating a “feel’s like” temperature.


Seas are forecast to remain moderate in open waters through the week. Waves in open waters are forecast up to 2.0 meters, particularly East of Trinidad and Tobago over the next 24 hours. In sheltered areas, seas to remain smooth, below 1.0 meters. Winds will be from the east at 10-15 knots through Friday.

Miminimal Concentrations of Saharan Dust Present Across Trinidad and Tobago

Saharan Dust: As of 9:00 AM Wednesday 22nd May 2019, Saharan Dust concentrations are minimal across Trinidad and Tobago. Mild concentrations of Saharan Dust is forecast across T&T, reducing air quality to moderate levels at times and producing hazy skies across the islands. Much of the Eastern Caribbean’s air quality has returned to good levels. No additional surges of Saharan Dust forecast for the next 5 days.

Tropical Update

Tropical Weather Update Overview: 
— Andrea, the first tropical cyclone for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season dissipated as of 5:00 PM Tuesday 21st May 2019
— Jaguar still churning off East Brazil, now a subtropical depression.
— The first “official” tropical wave of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season has moved off the West African Coast. Forecast to move across T&T early next week.

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