Large Fire in Point Fortin. No Residents Affected

A large fire in Point Fortin is presently burning with no threat to nearby residents at this time. According to the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government in an update posted on their Facebook page at 9:39 PM Tuesday 21st May 2019, a fire, which ignited on the compound of Earth Environmental Company Limited, located in close proximity to the Guapo Landfill continues to burn.

11:00 PM Update from TV6 News:

Firefighters are currently battling a blaze at the compound of Earth Environmental Company Limited near to the Guapo Landfill. So far there have been no reports of injuries.

Speaking a short while ago to TV6 News, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Clebert Grayson described the blaze as huge but not disastrous based on its location; there are no residents nearby and most of the smoke has been heading out to sea.

He says a bush fire began in an area adjacent to Earth Environmental Company Limited this afternoon, it quickly spread onto the company’s compound and ignited with a large oil catchment storing fuel just after 2 pm.

Since then two more catchments caught ablaze; Grayson says the largest of the three pits on fire was 18 feet deep, 100 to 150 feet wide and filled with fuel, mostly old oil.

“We are using both water and foam, the extinguishing agent in the majority is foam. But because of the amount of fuel, what you have is a lot of it is being super-heated, by the time you extinguish one area another area lights back up. It’s well under control, but I don’t want to say extinguished as yet. Because with super-heated oil once the foam dissipates and it gets air, it could flare back up.”

Meanwhile, Mayor of the borough of Point Fortin Mr. Abdon Mason described the scene around 10 pm as unbelievable and an uphill task for fire officers.

He commended the fire officers for doing a tremendous job so far in containing the fire. “I am confident they are doing all in their power to try and contain this blaze to ensure it does not become catastrophic.”

Original Story:

This fire reportedly ignited at 2:10 PM and continues to burn as of 9:45 PM Tuesday night.

The Disaster Management Unit of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation was mobilized to render support to WASA and the TTFS. The water tender of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation is currently being utilized by the fire services to aid in the containment of the fire.

At this time, no residents have been affected. Ongoing attempts are being made to contain the fire and suppress any possible effects on the community.

Large Fire at Earth Environmental Company Limited, Point Fortin on 9:45PM Tuesday 21st May 2019.
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