Localized Flood Alert Discontinued As Heavy Rainfall Subsides

Key Messages:
— The Localized Flood Alert has been discontinued, though flooding is still ongoing in a few areas. Note that most rivers remain within their banks at this time, albeit elevated.
— Over the last 36 hours, between 1 to 5 inches (25 to 125 millimeters) of rainfall has fallen across parts of Trinidad. Brief, isolated showers are possible overnight through the next 24 hours, with maximum, additional rainfall accumulations near 10 millimeters in isolated areas.

The Localized Flood Alert

For the second time in the TTMS’ Early Warning System history, the service issued a Localized Flood Alert (Yellow Level) for Trinidad. The TTMS discontinued the alert at 5:45 AM Saturday morning, approximately 12 hours before it was slated to expire.

Heavy rainfall affected Trinidad and Tobago between July 1st and July 3rd due to feeder bands associated with Tropical Storm Elsa, which strengthened into Hurricane Elsa north of the country.

A high-pressure system is moving across Trinidad and Tobago overnight with an increase in Saharan Dust, leading to a settled couple of days until the passage of Tropical Wave 16 on late Monday into Tuesday.

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any tropical storm watch or warning.

Information from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service concerning the Localized Flood Alert for 2nd-3rd July 2021.

The threat of further localized flooding has substantially decreased. The levels of major river courses are high, however, they are expected to decrease throughout the day” according to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service. This “localized flood alert” status takes into account the possibility of the event occurring.

The color of the alert indicates the severity of the event and the probability of the event occurring. Currently, the alert level is at Green, as the Discontinuation was issued. The TTMS continues to advise the public to assess your environment for safety concerns. Avoid wading or driving through residual flood water and monitor updates from official sources.

Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service
Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service
Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service. Adverse Weather Alert Discontinuation.
Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service
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