Adverse Weather Alert Discontinued As Conditions Stabilize (Somewhat)

Adverse Weather Alert Discontinued

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has discontinued the Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) for Trinidad and Tobago as rainfall projections have decreased and the atmosphere has stabilized somewhat. Still, afternoon showers and thunderstorms are possible, exacerbating ongoing floods.

Information from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service concerning the Adverse Weather Alert Discontinuation for March 29th, 2021

According to the TTMS, “The atmosphere is becoming more stable. The projected rainfall accumulations have decreased and there is a lower chance of thunderstorm activity. Breezy or windy conditions will persist, with wind speeds near 30 km/hr. Thus, seas can still become agitated due to these winds.

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning.

The color of the alert indicates the severity of the event and the probability of the event occurring. Currently, the alert level is at Green, as the Discontinuation was issued.

Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service
Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service

Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service. Adverse Weather Alert Discontinuation.
Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service

The Forecast

Monday: Partly cloudy, breezy, and hazy conditions interrupted by brisk isolated showers across both islands. As we progress through the afternoon, a few showers may become heavy across parts of Trinidad. There is a low chance of a thunderstorm, favoring western coastal Trinidad and hilly areas. A breezy and partly cloudy evening and night are expected with very brisk isolated showers.

Up to 10 millimeters are possible across Trinidad and Tobago over the next 24 hours. In isolated areas where heavy showers or the odd thunderstorm occurs, up to 25 millimeters (1 inch) are possible.

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