Live Updates – Tropical Wave 22

Tropical Wave 22 is forecast to affect T&T Friday through Sunday, bringing locally heavy rainfall across Trinidad, lesser so Tobago through the weekend. Heavy rainfall, particularly across Southern Trinidad, may trigger street or flash flooding. Gusty winds up to and in excess of 55 KM/H possible, causing localized wind damages, downed trees, utility poles, and lines, as well as brief power outages. There are no alerts, watches, or warnings in effect from the TTMS. Live Updates for this event have ended.

Isolated Thunderstorms Moving Across Trinidad

2:40 PM Saturday 11th July 2020

The axis of Tropical Wave 22 is now west of T&T. Isolated showers and thunderstorms are moving across parts of Trinidad this afternoon, producing brisk but heavy rainfall, lightning and possible gusty winds.

Additional brisk activity forecast through the afternoon, favoring Trinidad, gradually settling by nightfall.

Dry, Stable Air Resulted in Sunny Skies Across T&T
Conditions To Change Through the Afternoon

1:30 PM Saturday 11th July 2020

Ahead of Tropical Wave 22, relatively dry mid-levels in addition to slightly unfavorable upper-level conditions resulted in limited deep convective activity. However, an increase in showers and isolated thunderstorms occurred across the Leewards, generally north of Martinique.

Across Trinidad and Tobago, a mostly hot and sunny first half of the day was interrupted by brisk isolated showers, with thunderstorms mainly staying offshore, now in the Gulf of Paria.

Though this mornings showers and thunderstorms did not materialize due to unfavorable conditions and a dry atmosphere, showers and thunderstorms are becoming increasingly likely through the afternoon, favoring Trinidad as a moist atmosphere returned to T&T following the passage of Tropical Wave 22.

Hence, the forecast for this afternoon through tonight generally remains unchanged: By midday, through the latter half of Saturday, the axis of Tropical Wave 22 will move across T&T, with heavier showers and thunderstorms remaining north of our country. Isolated showers and isolated thunderstorms remain possible across our country, favoring Western and hilly areas, though activity will remain brief. Conditions are forecast to settle by nightfall, with brisk, isolated showers moving across both islands, favoring Tobago.

Elevated Threat For Street/Flash Flooding Across South Trinidad through Saturday

6:30 PM Friday 10th July 2020

The ITCZ remains across Trinidad tonight, with periods of showers and thunderstorms forecast to move across the island through Saturday.

Presently, favorable upper level divergence is present across Trinidad and Tobago, with favorable low-level convergence east of the islands. Abundant moisture remains in place across Trinidad, with neutral to favorable vertical wind shear.

Heavier activity will continue to favor Southern Trinidad, setting up an elevated threat for street flooding by later tomorrow, particularly as up to 1 inch (25.4 mm) of rainfall has already accumulated across parts of South today (Friday).

Isolated showers and thunderstorms possible across both islands on Saturday, interrupting variably cloudy skies. The axis of Tropical Wave 22 remains east of Trinidad and Tobago, approximately along 55W (~650 KM East of T&T). The axis of this wave will interact with the ITCZ, enhancing showers and thunderstorms. See the detailed forecast here.

Showers, Thunderstorms Approach Trinidad Again

3:00 PM Friday 10th July 2020

Though skies are clearing across Trinidad, a cluster of showers and thunderstorms are approaching Trinidad from the east, with heavier activity favoring Southern Trinidad.

Activity with the ITCZ reaches a minimum between 5 PM and 8 PM, with a resurgence of activity after midnight. Hence, conditions to briefly settle by nightfall, with a resurgence of activity after midnight.

Gusty Winds Move Onshore Trinidad

1:30 PM Friday 10th July 2020

Showers, Thunderstorms Affecting Southern, Central Trinidad

12:20 PM Friday 10th July 2020

Tropical Wave 22, ITCZ to affect T&T

Thursday 9th July 2020

11:00 PM – The ITCZ is forecast to begin affecting T&T on Friday, with the axis of Tropical Wave 22 moving across the…

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