Gusty Winds Blow Off Roofs in Caratal & Bonne Aventure, Gasparillo

Photo Credit: Safraz Ali Councillor For Gasparillo/Bonne Aventure

Heavy afternoon thunderstorms across Western and Northern Trinidad were accompanied by violent rainfall, very frequent lightning and gusty winds.

Heavy rainfall caused street flooding across various parts of Western and Northern Trinidad. Street flooding was reported across the Eastern Main Road between El Dorado and St. Augustine; Freeman and Trantrill Road, Pasea Village; The Southern Main Road in the vicinity of Chase Village and Freeport; the Freeport Mission Road, Freeport; Lime Head Road, Chase Village and Cipero Road, San Fernando.

Frequent lightning knocked out power to several areas across the East-West Corridor, including Lopinot, St. Augustine and Caroni with a number of traffic lights along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway becoming non-functional.

Gusty winds across Southern Trinidad blew off the roofs off several homes in the Bonne Aventure and Caratal villages, near Gasparillo. As of 3:00 PM, there were confirmed reports of 8 homes affected in Cocoa Piece, Bonne Aventure and Alladin Trace, as well as the Bonne Aventure Presbyterian School. One home has completely collapsed.

There were no reports of injuries. Officials are on site.

Photo Credit: Safraz Ali Councillor For Gasparillo/Bonne Aventure

This activity was due to localized climatic effects interacting with the passage of tropical wave 55.
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