ITCZ Affects Tobago: Flooding, Landslides Reported

Intense showers and thunderstorms began across 5:00 AM Wednesday morning across parts of Central and Eastern Tobago, with the Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) going into effect at 6:00 AM Wednesday.

Showers and thunderstorms continued through the morning, with the first reports of flash flooding coming into the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) coming in at 9:10 AM. Flash flooding was ongoing across Mason Hall, Tobago in the vicinity of Paige Gully as heavy showers continued across Central Tobago.

According to reports from the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), various reports of incidents have been reported in villages around Tobago mainly Moriah, Mason Hall, Runnemede and areas on the Northside Road as the ITCZ affects Tobago.

Landslide at Broad Road, Moriah on the Northside Road, Tobago (Photos: TEMA)

A landslide occurred at Broad Road, Moriah on the Northside Road, which had rendered the roadway impassable Wednesday morning. It was subsequently cleared by Tobago’s Division of Infrastructure, Quarries, and Environment (DIQE).

Landslide at Lady Smith Road, Moriah, Tobago (Photos: TEMA)

Another landslide severely damaged a home at the Lady Smith Road, Moriah, Tobago. Flash flooding was also reported across Moriah, in the vicinity of Paige Gully.

There were reports of landslides along Cedar Road, Moriah; Arnos Vale Road, Plymouth (below), Golden Lane and Les Coteaux – all of which have been cleared by DIQE and the TTFS.

Landslide at Arnos Vale Road, Plymouth, Tobago (Photos: TEMA)

What’s next for Tobago?

Unlike across Trinidad, where settled conditions persist – isolated to scattered showers are ongoing across Tobago. This activity is forecast to continue through the night into tomorrow. Thunderstorms remain in the forecast for Tobago, mainly after midnight through late Thursday afternoon as the ITCZ affects Tobago.

Since 12:00 AM Wednesday, radar estimated rainfall across Tobago ranged from 12.5 millimeters to 57.5 millimeters, with the highest totals occurring across Central Tobago. Because of already saturated soils, there is an elevated threat of landslides and flash flooding associated with shower and thunderstorm activity.

Gusty winds may also accompany thunderstorms, capable of downing trees and utility poles.

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