Watch: Landslide Along North Coast Road. Road Temporarily Closed.

At approximately 5:00 AM Thursday 4th July 2019, heavy rainfall and gusty winds were ongoing across North Trinidad and Tobago. These gusty winds have brought down a fairly large tree with surrounding soil and vegetation across the North Coast Road, rendering the roadway temporarily impassable. The road is now closed by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The Ministry of Works and Transport and the Disaster Management Unit of the San Juan/Laventille Disaster Management Unit have been notified and are working together to address the incident. Motorists are advised to delay travel on the North Coast Road, if possible. If in the area, residents and motorists are advised to expect traffic delays and to follow the instructions of first responders on the site.

Landslide along the North Coast Road, in the vicinity of the 6 KM mile mark as of 7:00 AM Thursday 4th July 2019.

Although an adverse weather advisory (alert/watch/warning) has not been issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service, inclement weather is still possible over the next 36 hours. Note that a lull in activity is forecast over the next few hours. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely by the late evening, overnight into Friday. Note that due to favorable atmospheric conditions, locally severe thunderstorms are possible, producing heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

Landslide along the North Coast Road on Thursday 4th July 2019

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning.

Based on the latest model guidance, these showers, with isolated heavy showers and thunderstorms may produce severe weather across Trinidad and Tobago. Street flooding and flash flooding are possible. Gusty winds are likely in the vicinity and during heavy showers or thunderstorms. These gusty winds and heavy rainfall will be capable of triggering landslides in landslide-prone areas, as well as downing trees and utility poles.

As of 7:45 AM, showers and thunderstorms are generally north of Trinidad and Tobago, with a lull in activity forecast for much of today across T&T. Note that we forecast another round of heavy showers and thunderstorms by the late evening as Tropical Wave 15 moves across the region later today.

Landslides: In landslide-prone areas, particularly in areas that receive heavy rainfall, landslides and/or mudflows will continue to be possible, in areas likely across Tobago and the Northern Range. These landslides, in addition to gusty winds, may down trees, utility poles and impede traffic on roadways.

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