Watch: Chaguanas Flooded as Thunderstorms Affect the Borough

Thunderstorms continue to produce heavy rainfall, gusty winds and frequent lightning across parts of Trinidad. Downed trees, power outages, and street flooding have been reported across various parts of Trinidad while Tobago has experienced mostly isolated showers with overcast conditions.

In the past hour, as of 8:00 AM, 1,400 strikes were detected with 720 being dangerous cloud-to-ground strikes. Since midnight, over 6,300 strikes have been detected.

Lighting strikes across Trinidad and Tobago as of 7:24 AM Monday 17th June 2019

Since midnight, parts of Trinidad have recorded between 30-45 millimeters of rainfall and isolated higher totals likely across areas in Eastern and Central Trinidad. Street flooding is ongoing across various parts of Chaguanas, including Rene Street, Xavier Street as well as the Chaguanas Main Road.

Street Flooding on Xavier Street, Chaguanas at 8:00 AM Monday 17th June 2019.

Gusty winds up to 50 KM/H have been recorded across parts of Northern and Central Trinidad in the vicinity and during thunderstorms.

Street flooding on the Chaguanas Main Road in the vicinity of the Chaguanas Market at 8:00 AM Monday 17th June 2019. Video Credit: Mark Wayne

Power outages have been reported across parts of Southern, Central and Northern Trinidad, with downed utility poles reported on the Caparo Valley Brasso Rd in Caparo, Central Trinidad in the vicinity of A&A Family Supermarket. A downed tree has blocked off access to a minor road en-route to Santa Flora. T&TEC is on site.

Another look at the street flooding ongoing across parts of Chaguanas on Monday 17th June 2019.

Flooding has sent wildlife scampering for safety. If any wild animals are on your property, please leave it be and contact the Wildlife and Environmental Protection of Trinidad and Tobago at (868) 341-9983.

Wildlife on Nicholas R’s property in Chaguanas on Monday Morning.

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