Forecast: Isolated Overnight Showers, Gusty Winds Possible.

Weather Forecast (Next 24 Hours)

As of 9:00 PM Thursday 2nd May 2019, a line of showers is progressing westward across Trinidad, with heavy pockets remaining across Northern and Southern Trinidad. Locally, but brief, heavy rainfall and gusty winds are forecast. Heavier showers are likely to favour Eastern Trinidad. Across Tobago, partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions are occurring. Gusty winds up to 60 KM/H are possible, particularly in the vicinity of showers. On Thursday, several areas across T&T recorded gusts between 40-50 KM/H.

Overnight, isolated to scattered showers are forecast to continue moving across mainly Trinidad. Heavier pockets are likely across Eastern and Southern parts of Trinidad. These showers are forecast to weaken as they progress westward. Gusty winds are likely in the vicinity of showery activity, up to 60 KM/H. These conditions are forecast to persist through the early morning Friday. Across Tobago on the other hand, partly cloudy skies, with the odd isolated shower are forecast to interrupt a mostly settled but breezy night across the island.

These showers are due to two distinct surface to low-level shearlines across Trinidad and Tobago, with ample low-level moisture and somewhat, at times, favourable low-level convergence. Upper-level conditions remain unsupportive for enhancement of showers. As mentioned above, a few isolated heavy pockets may occur across parts of Eastern Trinidad, and accompanied by gusty winds.

Generally fresh to strong breeze is forecast (29-49 KM/H) for Thursday mainly from the east. However, wind gusts in the range of high wind are possible (50-61 KM/H) across Trinidad and Tobago as the day progresses and the pressure gradient of the dominating high-pressure system tightens.

Beauford Wind Scale Land Impacts
Beauford Wind Scale Land Impacts

With wind gusts up to 60 KM/H, whole trees are expected to be in motion and there may be some inconvenience when walking against the wind gusts. Light outdoor objects may topple or become airborne such as garbage cans, loose galvanize or construction material and other outdoor furniture. Tents may jump.

High Wind Precautions
High Wind Precautions


Last night’s minimum temperatures were 25°C at Piarco, Trinidad and 26°C at Crown Point, Tobago. Tonight’s minimum low temperatures across Trinidad and Tobago are forecast to remain the same, with 25°C at Piarco, Trinidad and 26°C at Crown Point, Tobago. Low temperatures are likely to be lower across inland and mountainous areas.

Tomorrow, Friday, maximum high temperatures across T&T are forecast to be near a hot 32°C at Piarco, Trinidad and a heat index of 35°C. Across Tobago, maximum high temperatures are forecast to be a warm 31°C with a heat index of 33°C. The heat index is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity, generating a “feel’s like” temperature.


Seas are forecast to remain moderate in open waters through the week. Waves in open waters are forecast to between 2.0 and 2.5 meters particularly East of Trinidad and Tobago over the next 24 hours. In sheltered areas, seas are forecast to remain smooth, below 1.0 meters. Winds will be from the east through the next 5 days at 15-20 knots from the east.

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