Tuesday 11th March 2019: Street Flooding Across Southwestern Trinidad

Low clouds associated with moderate to heavy showers Tuesday afternoon and evening moving across Chin-Chin, Cunupia. Street flooding occurred across parts of Southwestern Trinidad while the remainder of the country saw welcome showers.

Even during a meteorolgical drought, street flooding can occur. A brief, heavy shower across the Southwestern Peninsula of Trinidad unleashed a deluge of rain on La Romain, San Fernando and South Oropuche.

Street flooding occurring at 3:15PM along Mosquito Creek, Southwestern Trinidad.

Whether its the dry or wet season, Trinidad and Tobago has a very high flood vulnerability, with street flooding easily triggered.

Urban/Street flooding, a type of pluvial flooding, is more common in urbanized areas of Trinidad and Tobago, where heavy rainfall overwhelms the drainage system and water flows into streets and occasionally into structures. 

3:15PM Radar Image showing a heavy shower occurring across Southwestern Trinidad. Image: Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service

This rainfall was well forecast, with the isolated heavy pockets beginning to appear approximately 2:30PM and move across parts of Southern and Eastern Trinidad.

The isolated heavy pockets produced street flooding along the Mosquito Creek and the South Trunk Road as of 3:45PM. This isolated heavy shower moved into the Gulf of Paria, allowing flood waters to subside. Low tide occurred at 1:33PM, so there were no issues with runoff, barring blocked roads.

Street flooding occurring along the Southern Main Road, in the vicinity of S.M. Jaleel.
Street Flooding along the South Trunk Road at Mosquito Creek. This area is notorious for street flooding due to improper drainage during heavy rainfall.

Driving into flood waters is never recommended as the road beneath you may be washed out or damaged, causing your vehicle to be stranded.

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Showers are expected to continue overnight, with isolated heavy pockets continuing through Wednesday. Hence, there still is a low threat of street flooding, particularly in areas where poor drainage exist.

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